Featuring the latest technology product with resistant to daily wear and tear, it enhances the ambience of the house with the feel of homeliness and comfort. EXCEL FLOOR furnishes you with a complete decorative solution with its variety of patterns that eases the choice of your desired design. It is also scientifically proven without formaldehyde spreading and anti-bacteria allowing you peace of mind.
  ELE 067 Canyon Barnwood Oak

  ELE 160 Panga Panga
  ELE 171 Plum Select

  ELE 301 L. Milford Elm
  ELE 302 D. Milford Elm

  ELE 401 Jarrah
  ELE 418 Atacama Cherry

  ELE 601 Amara Wenge
  ELE 714 Golden Teak

  ELE 639 Burling ton Oak Allover
  ELE 642 Canyon Renaissance Oak

  ELE 643 Monument Oak 2 Board

  ELE 644 Viking Oak 2 board